Mark Bringhurst and Dan Stabb are the cubicle-bound neighbors of CUBED, workplace-comedy improv that relies heavily on audience suggestions and participation throughout the show. CUBED’s highly interactive performance allows the audience to write memos, provide their company’s name/service, and even become part of the show themselves. Since CUBED’s debut in 2008, they have performed to rave reviews in theatres, coffeehouses, and festivals throughout the East Coast. Mark and Dan also teach improvisational classes and workshops, with a strong focus on both character and agreement. In addition to their performances as CUBED, the duo also performs “Whose Line”-style shortform improv.

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CUBED (Mark Bringhurst & Dan Stabb)

About the Group:

Dan Stabb is a co-founder and member of PHIT Affiliate, CUBED. He also coached and performed for the shortform group, Delaware Comedy Theatre North. He has performed at the Dirty South Improv Festival, the Baltimore Improv Festival, and the Unicity Arts Festival. He has also taught improv classes and workshops for Hedgerow Theatre, Villanova University, and the Jewish Community Center in Wilmington, DE. Dan has been performing for over 20 years, spanning television, film, stage, radio, and even a stint in professional wrestling as “bad guy” manager, Carlton P. Hightower.

Mark Bringhurst has been acting since elementary school. In addition to playing leading roles in high school, college, and community theatre productions, he has placed in the top three in two New Jersey state acting competitions. As a founding member of Philadelphia longform group MakeOut Clinic, Mark has performed in the Philadelphia Improv Festival, the Dirty South Improv Festival, the Baltimore Improv Festival, Delaware’s Improv Mini-Fest, the Del Close Marathon in New York City, and in Washington, D.C. with D.C. ComedySportz. After several years of shortform improv classes through ComedySportz in Philly, Mark began improvising with Delaware Comedy Theatre (the home of Delaware TheatreSports). He now one of the coaches for DCT North, a chapter of DCT based around Wilmington, Delaware. Mark has studied longform improv through PHIT and around the country with instructors including: Joe Bill, Mark Sutton, Zach Ward, Justin Tyler, Jonathan Gabrus, Jay Olson, Melissa Cathcart, and Asaf Ronen. In addition, he has has studied musical improv with a variety of instructors, including the lovely ladies of I Eat Pandas.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Home Theatre: Philly Improv Theater (PHIT)

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