Gay Boy/Straight Boy

Steve (the gay boy) & Dana (the straight boy) take questions about love, sex, romance, and relationships from the audience. While responding to each question, they riff off on their responses to recount salacious stories (often embellished, but always containing a kernel of truth) about their various sexual escapades, and in the process, flirt with the bulk of the audience. This show was performed in the summer of 2009 as part of Improv Boston’s Queer Qomedy Festival.

Tickets for this performance are still available!


Gay Boy/Straight Boy

Gay Boy/Straight Boy (Dana J. Bein & Steve Kleindeler)

About the Group:

Dana Jay Bein has been performing stand up, improv and sketch comedy for over ten years. Hundreds have learned his approach to stand up comedy at ImprovBoston and the Boston Center for Adult Education where he has implemented his stand-up comedy curriculum. His unique marriage of improv skills and stand up techniques sets his performance and teaching styles apart from the industry standards. In the spring of 2008, Dana was selected as a comedy coach for an episode of MTV’s reality show Made. ImprovBoston has known Dana since 2001, where he began performing improv in the Micetro/UnNatural Selection cast on Thursday nights. He has been a cast member in ImprovBoston Showcase shows such as Quest, Action Comix, Felt, In the Garage, GoreFest IV and V, Dana and Steve Do It, Law and Puppet, Fort Awesome. His one man show The UnNatural Nature of Nurture was picked up as a Hump Show to be produced and performed at ImprovBoston in 2009. Every Friday night, you can catch him performing in ImprovBoston’s Friday Night Faceoff improv ensemble. Every Sunday night, you can see him hosting, performing and co-producing ImprovBoston’s Stand Up Sundays with co-producer Maria Ciampa. Dana’s comedic talent has been chosen for comedy festivals locally (Lowell Comedy Festival, MA), nationally (DC Comedy Festival) and internationally (Toronto International Improv Festival) and his stand up classes were tapped for Camprov 2009.

Steve Kleinedler, a cast member of Marjean, has been performing at ImprovBoston since 2001 and teaching at IB since 2004. He can also be seen onstage with Harry Gordon inDirections . . . With Steve and Harry. Steve has directed numerous improv troupes and shows at IB, including The Family Show(2004-2007), The Robert Cycle, Backstory, Unexpected Turbulence, Crackers in Bed, andWe Three Kings. He was the director of IB’s sketch ensemble The Ruckus (November 2007-February 2010), The 8th Annual ImprovBoston Holiday Extravaganza and numerous one-person shows written and performed by David Mogolov. Outside directing credits includeDiptych for The Plant and Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead for Bad Habit Productions. Steve has studied improv at The Players Workshop of Second City, ImprovBoston, and at an intensive weekend Del & Charna workshop. He has been performed in festivals in Boston, Carrboro, New York City, Philadelphia, Providence, and Toronto, among others. Steve started doing improv in 1982. He is also a founding member of Shattered Globe Theatre in Chicago.

Hometown: Boston, MA
Home Theatre: ImprovBoston!

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