Hans Gruber

David and B.J. are agents of Hans Gruber.  They are well regarded as crack commandos of improv comedy.   Rumor has it they have never been seen together on stage, with some assuming they are the same person.   They plan to disprove this rumor at Duofest.  By the time everyone figures out they are actually two people, they’ll be on a beach, earning 20%.

Tickets for this performance unt schtill availablen!


Hans Gruber

Hans Gruber (B.J. Ellis & Dave Warick)

About the Group:

B.J. Ellis is the current executive director of The N Crowd and is a short form improv specialist. He has been performing improv and since 1999 and has been with The N Crowd since its founding in 2005.  He works extensively behind the scenes helping to maintain the product you see on stage. Before joining The N Crowd, B.J. was a performer and the director/host of the wildly successful Deviant Behavior based out of Edinboro University.   When not on stage, he works as an educational mercenary in the Pottstown area and teaches improv for Village Productions.

David Warick has worked as a professional actor, improviser, teacher and writer for over fifteen years. He is a member of SAG, Actors Equity, the Writer’s Guild and the Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists Guild. After graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts he trained and performed with The Groundlings, The Second City LA, and Los Angeles Theatresports for over ten years At Los Angeles Theatresports he regularly performed in the groundbreaking long-form show, TRIPLE PLAY. He later wrote for Paramount, Fox and Walt Disney Television and was a story analyst for Artisan Entertainment, IFC, Avenue Pictures and director Michael Mann. David has taught improv to adults, teens and kids on both Coasts. In Los Angeles, he developed the popular teen improv stage show LAUGH OUT. In July 2005, David founded the Delaware Comedy Theatre. In addition to teaching workshops and classes for DCT, he has also served as director for the sold-out shows “A Chili Sumo Christmas” and “Cupid Shoots Self In Foot.” In addition to his theatrical work, David is a founder of Ziksana Consulting – a firm that specializes in using improvisation for corporate training.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Home Theatre: Volksfry Theatre

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    Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…

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