What happens when you have to create a live, unscripted improv comedy show and your only help is someone who’s never even seen improv before? In m@& (pronounced “Matt and… “), Matt Holmes pulls an unwitting stranger from the audience as his partner, gets the rest of the audience to yell out a word of inspiration for the show, and (without any pre-planning, costumes, sets, or scripts) performs a half-hour of improv comedy. m@& was three-time champion at Philly Improv Theater’s CAGEMATCH improv competition and has toured to perform at the Baltimore Improv Festival, Penn State’s RAWR! Improv Festival, the Oberlin Improv Conference, and Atlanta’s Relapse Theatre with JaCKpie and Basement Theatre.

Tickets for this performance are still available!



m@& (Matt Holmes & ?)

About the Group:

Matt Holmes has taught improv through the Philly Improv Theater and at improv festivals around the country, and has also coached several improv groups. He began improvising in 1998 when he ran a weekly short-form show in college. He co-founded Philly’s highly acclaimed Rare Bird Show in 2003, and has done many other improv projects in Philadelphia, including an improv duo, improvising in the dark, and performing with a complete stranger from the audience. His mp3-infused improv project was crowned grand champion of season 2 of Philly’s improv competition, Troika. Matt has learned from some of the top improv teachers from Second City, UCB Theatre, iO, the Annoyance, ComedySportz, members of The Kids in the Hall and more.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Home Theatre: N/A

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