R & J: Star-crossed Musical Improv

R & J: Star-crossed Musical Improv is a tragicomical, improvised musical of Shakespearean proportions.  Starting with a suggestion of a word, phrase or favorite Shakespearean quote, Robin and Jon set to work on composing a completely improvised two-person musical from sweet, sanguine start to hilariously heartrending finish. Will the guy get the girl?  Shall true love prevail over the evil forces of fate working against them?  R&J dares to answer all of these questions for the audience (as well as themselves) and perhaps rewrite the history of past loves gone wrong…in song!

Tickets for this performance are still available!


R & J Star-crossed Musical Improv

R & J Star-crossed Musical Improv (Robin Rothman & Jon Roufaeal)

About the Group:

A Philadelphia native, Robin Rothman made the move to the big city 6 years ago and has since been pursuing many avenues related to improv, music and theater performance. In 2006 she created a Musical Improv show entitled “Vegas, Baby, Vegas!!!” in which she portrayed and originated the role of a zany and debaucherous lounge singer Tudy Carmichael. Robin continues to perform musical improv at the Magnet Theater in “The Made-Up Musical” and is excited to begin weaving made-up musical fairy tales with the her new Musical Megawatt Team “Happily Ever After!”

Jon Roufaeal moved to NYC in 2006 pursuing a career in musical theater. He began improvising soon after moving, and has since studied under Armando Diaz, Tara Copeland, Louis Kornfeld, John O’Donnell, Will Hines, Lennon Parham and Porter Mason. Jon has appeared in various off-Broadway productions: including Frank & Stein & Friends and The Happiest Girl in the World. At the Magnet, he can be seen with the newly formed musical improv teams in Once Upon a Time, the current run of Team Performance and occasionally with the Made Up Musical.

Hometown: New York, NY
Home Theatre: The Magnet Theater

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