Rock Awesome

Rock Awesome is gooder than you think.  Seriously.  This two-woman act, formed outside a Toronto Shell Station, brings together the awesomeness of longform improvisation and the rock-hard bods of finely-tuned mathletes—I mean athletes.

Tickets for this performance are still available!


Rock Awesome

Rock Awesome (Mandy Sellers & Lauren Cochrane)

About the Group:

Mandy began improvising with the Impatient Theatre Co. in 2005, where she studied under Kevin Patrick Robbins, Sean Tabares, Allison Hogg and Jason Johnston. She was also part of the Harold Team Disco Turkey, which was featured at the 2006 Toronto Improv Festival. In the fall of 2006, Mandy relocated to Calgary and co-founded the sketch/improv duo Rock Awesome, with former ITC-mate Lauren Cochrane. They were featured at the 2007 LA Comedy Festival and the 2008 Del Close Marathon. While in Calgary, Mandy also co-founded improv troupe The Kinkonauts, which was featured at the 2007 Rapid Fire Theatre Improvaganza and the 2007 Toronto Improv Festival.

Lauren Cochrane is an actor, writer and improviser currently based in Calgary where she performs and teaches improv with The Kinkonauts.  She is a graduate of the Comedy: Writing and Performance program at Humber College in Toronto and is member of the Impatient Theatre company(Toronto) where she was a founding member of the all girl improv troupe “Ladystache”. She has studied and performed in Chicago with Improv Olympic, New york at the UCB Del Close Marathon and Los Angeles with the Actors Boot Camp, and L.A comedy festival.  When not performing, she is probably working in a totally unrelated yet equally hilarious field of work ie. window washer, snack machine filler or Olive Garden server. She enjoys quick jaunty walks on the beach, deep meaningful song lyrics and carbohydrates in the taste, shape and smell of donuts.

Hometown: Calgary, AB
Home Theatre: N/A

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