Rosen & Milkshake

Rosen & Milkshake originally formed as Mr. Lizard in 2008 to compete in Troika, where three improvisers, unfamiliar with one another, are given three weeks to come up with a form and perform it.  It was formed by Charles Rosen and two other improvisers. We had so much fun that we decided to stick with it after the competition ended. AJ Horan was added to the troupe back in November of 2008.  Since September 2009, it has been a two-man group with only AJ and Charles.  Lately, we have been doing a monoscene with flashbacks.  Our major strengths are world building using slow comedy, and also playing multiple characters. We have performed all over Philly.  Most of our shows have been PHIT (Philly Improv Theater) Weeks at the Shubin.  We have also performed other places around town, including various bars and the library.  Back in February 2010, we traveled to Chapel Hill to perform at the North Carolina Comedy and Arts Festival.  In May 2010, we performed at the Spring Up The Creek Improv Camp Festival.

Tickets for this performance are still available!

Mr. Lizard

Rosen & Milkshake (AJ Horan & Charles Rosen)

About the Group:

AJ “Milkshake” Horan studied at ComedySportz and PHIT.  He was a founding member of Makeout Clinic, and he performed at Del Close with them in 2007. He currently plays on PHIT’s house team, Everything Must Go, and plays lead guitar and sings for the improv rock band Velvet Helmet (also a Troika contender). He is the founder of Philly’s weekly Improv Incubator, where improvisers of all skill levels can match up and practice. He also had a role in PHIT’s first Fringe Festival play The Hoppers Hit the Road, which was a big success. His workshops were with Joe Bill, Susan Messing, Craig Rennak, Jill Bernard, Jokyr & Jesster, I Eat Pandas, Adam Brooks, Asaf Ronen, Will Luera, John Herman, Mark Grenier, Ari Voukidis, Zach Ward, and Cathcart-Olson, Anthony Atamanuik.

Charles Rosen studied shortform at ComedySportz and longform at PHIT, and then formed what would become Philly’s first Cagematch champion, Spring Summer Fall Winter Spring (since disbanded). He regularly attends the Improv Incubator.  He has taken workshops from Ali Faranakian, Jill Bernard, Asaf Ronan, Ari Voukydis, Joe Bill, Mark Sutton, Tybrus, Zach Ward, Code Duello, Ragnaröck, Baby Wants Candy, Butch Roy, Jen Caldwell, Armando Diaz, Ed Herbstman, and Jean Villepique among others.   Charles was also declared the nicest guy in the room during the 2008 DCM by Matt Besser and Ian Roberts. Charles and AJ have had coaching sessions together with Alexis Simpson of Rare Bird Show and Kristen Shier of Fletcher.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Home Theatre: N/A

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