The Cascade

The Cascade is about the importance of small changes. The Cascade follows a single moment in two characters’ lives again and again, exploring three parallel realities and the difference that a look or tone can make. The show, featuring Jenny Dunne and Rick Andrews, is fully improvised and guaranteed to satisfy your insatiable need for art on the nature of time and consequence, or we’ll travel back and do it again so that it does.

Tickets for this performance are still available!


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About the Group:

Rick Andrews began improvising in 1999 at Improv Boston, a truly wonderful place that you should go visit. He graduated from Washington University in Saint Louis, where he was a member of Suspicious of Whistlers. He continued his improv training in Saint Louis and here in NYC, studying/workshopping with the likes of Armando Diaz, Joe Bill, Mark Sutton, Will Luera, Asaf Ronan, Amy Pohler, Ian Roberts, Zach Ward, Jacob Schneider, Greg Hess, Brian Jack, Jill Bernard, Bill Chott, Peter McNerney, Alex Marino, Christian Capozzoli, and more. He enjoys running, putting words on pages, thinking about the brain and the things it does, and loves improv more than anything.

Jenny Dunne has a BFA in acting and comes from the lovely state of Colorado. She started her training at the Magnet last year and since then has been lucky enough to study with Armando Diaz, Rachel Hamilton, Becky Drysdale, Peter McNerny, Alex Marino, Christian Capozzoli, Mark Grenier, and Ben Rodgers.

Hometown: New York, NY
Home Theatre: The Magnet Theater

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