Thibowla Virus

The Thibowla Virus was formed in 2006 by two improv junkies Melissa Bowler and Tim Thibodeau. The group specializes in two very different types of improv. One form is called the break-up in which the audience chooses an object for the characters to break-up over and the set begins with that opening  fight. The set continues tracing the relationship from first meeting to that very same break-up endowing that object with a special meaning. This form has been performed at various festivals including the Providence Improv Festival and the Encore Arts Awards

The other form is a drink-along-improv game that encourages the audience to play along as Tim and Melissa improvise a montage of scenes with the help of their friend beer. The scenes are dictated by a deck of playing cards with audience suggestions written on them. Red cards Tim and Melissa drinks, Black cards audience drinks, and face cards are socials. This form has been performed as a pre-game to after parties at the Providence Improv Fest for 2 years running.

Tickets for this performance are still available!


Thibowla Virus

Thibowla Virus (Tim Thibodeau & Melissa Bowler)

About the Group:

Melissa Bowler has been performing Improv since ’02 with such groups as Rejects on the Rise, Inside Jokes, Out of the Gutter, Unexpected Company, and Thibowla Virus with Tim. She also performs Stand-up, Burlesque, Voice-Overs, Magic, and Bat Mitzvahs. Some of those are lies. She has been known to write a play or two in both Children’s and Adult Theatre outlets. Melissa loves her cats and the color yellow. She also serves as the party czar for the Providence Improv Fest and promotes the concept of radio for a living. To learn more about Melissa, visit an Improv Jones show and ask her, especially if you are cute.

Tim Thibodeau has been with Improv Jones since 2004 which is the same year the Red Sox broke the curse & won the World Series..coincidence?…of course, improv & baseball have nothing to do with each other. Tim graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University where he put together a couple of successful TV sketch shows. He is also a performer with Unexpected Company, Out of the Gutter Comedy, and the ThiBowla Virus with Melissa. He is also the Artistic Director of UC. Tim has been involved with The Providence Improv Fest since its inception and now serves as the Chairman of the Board, this makes him think he has to wear a monacle and top hat. Since using his get out of jail free card Tim has performed improv throughout the USA, Toronto and Scotland. Unfortunately Tim is addicted to Hi-Fives!

Hometown: Providence, RI
Home Theatre: Perishable Theater

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