Tin Sandwich

Tin Sandwich aims to mix the two things that make Chicago great – blues and improv. After getting an audience suggestion, we then proceed to create an original long form show consisting of songs, scenes, and the occasional discussion sometimes utilizing a guitar and/or harmonica to create a very fun, very different improv experience.

From 2007 to 2009 we performed regularly in Chicago at The Playground, iO, Gorilla Tango and various other venues. We were featured in 2008’s “Snubfest” as part of the Chicago Improv Festival sponsored, “Second Chances Night.” Since late 2009 they’ve split their shows between Chicago’s Playground Theater and Philly’s Philly Improv Theater.

Tickets for this performance are still available!


Tin Sandwich

Tin Sandwich (Mike Marbach & Mark Holden)

About the Group:

Although he is a Philly native, Mike Marbach was born into the world of improv in Chicago. He has completed the iO Theater and Annoyance Theater training center programs and has studied under improv greats such as Charna Halpern, Mark Sutton, Susan Messing, Mick Napier, several members of iO’s “The Reckoning” and many more. He performed on the iO Harold Team, “Dart” and could be seen around Chicago in various theaters performing with “Club Group Team”, “Big Baby” and still does occasional shows with his blues music inspired duo, “Tin Sandwich”. Mike is thrilled to be back in Philly and to be getting involved with the improv world here. He’s also thrilled to once again have butterscotch krimpets, cheese steaks and Glen “Hurricane” Schwartz ready when he wants them. When he’s not doing improv-y things, Mike likes to write ridiculously long letters to companies about mundane things.

Hometown: Chicago, IL/Philadelphia, PA

Home Theatre: N/A

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