We’re Matt Weir

Yes, we are really both named Matt Weir. And yes, we are really best friends. Look, we do two-guys-with-the-same-name-style improv, meaning we’re truthful, kind, loud, physical, and We’re Matt Weir. It’s also like Eddie Murphy playing Led Zeppelin, Rock n’ LOL!

Tickets for this performance are still available!


We're Matt Weir

We're Matt Weir (Matt J. Weir & Matt B. Weir)

About the Group:

Matt Weir was raised in Naperville, Illinois. He babysits a lot and runs a cassette tape label called Speed Tapes. He also plays in a band called Potato Chips. He also is a actor, director, classroom teaching artist, and production coordinator for Story Pirates, New York’s premier absurdist children’s theater company. He performs regularly at the Magnet with Dunk and We’re Matt Weir.

Matt J. Weir is a comedian, writer, and filmmaker originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Since 2008 he has studied improv and sketch writing at the Magnet Theater under Armando Diaz, Mark Grenier, Rachel Hamilton, James Eason, Christian Capozzoli, Nick Kanellis, and John Dixon. He performs in the duo We’re Matt Weir and Megawatt group Strider, as well as in many other indie groups including Swiftkick and Free Beer. Matt has a degree in History and Creative Writing and loves his family for making him weird.

Hometown: New York, NY
Home Theatre: The Magnet Theater

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