WhipSuit was formed by long time improvisers and friends Rick Horner and Cubby Altobelli. They share a vision: a mobile and compact improv group. Rick heads the group, drawing not only on his years of improv experience – performing and directing – in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Richmond, but also his Degree in Acting, and his excellent sales techniques as a guide. Cubby, the prideful sidekick, draws on his 10 year love of improv, forays into commedia d’el arte and clowning, and peerless mastery of boondoggle to try and keep up. Since its premiere in 2005, WhipSuit has garnered and proven a reputation for excellence.

Rick and Cubby first met in the short form group Elaschtick in the balmy summer of 2003. They quickly bonded over shared loves of comic books, bad movies and most of all, improv. Quickly discovering an engaging stage rapport, it’s not surprising that they found themselves in a number of Philly groups together, including ZombieShark, Hypnotoad, and The Cabal. Their shared fervent love of performance, and willingness to dedicate themselves to a great show no matter where it was, or how little time there was to prepare led them to experiment together, finding a reliable and entertaining dynamic. Following an almost commando comedic credo, they will never turn down a show and they infuse every performance with their intense love of improv.

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WhipSuit ("Cubby" Altobelli & Rick Horner)

About the Group:

Rick Horner is the Director of Activity Book, one of the first PHIT Resident Groups, which debuted in October 2008.  He is also the founder of the Improv Incubator – a social and creative mixer where people meet weekly to play improv games and perform scenes. Rick is 57% of the Philadelphia-based group Whipsuit!, a comedy-duo that also features PHIT Instructor “Cubby” Altobelli.  He is also one of the Producers of the Philadelphia Improv Festival. In addition, Rick has performed short and longform improv with seriously too many other groups to list.  Seriously. When he was not living in Philadelphia, Rick studied at The Second City Training Center in Chicago, and has workshopped with Ari Voukydis from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, and the cast of BASSPROV.

“Cubby” Altobelli is a native New Jerseyian, and a member of the Philadelphia-based Whipsuit!, a comedy-duo that also features Rick Horner. In addition he has performed shortform improv with ZombieShark and is part of the improv rock band Velvet Helmet. Offstage, Cubby has served as coach for Angry People Building Things (who set the record for longest Philly CAGEMATCH winning streak from February to August 2008). Cubby was first introduced to improv while earning a degree in Dramatic Arts at St. Mary’s College Maryland, and has subsequently studied improvisation with Keith Johnstone (the creator of Theatresports and author of the book Impro), Red Nose Clown under Giovanni Fusetti, and commedia d’el arte with Antonio Fava as his teacher.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Home Theatre: N/A

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