Fun in Physicality

This class incorporates elements of clowning, mime, and environmental work and applies them to improv scene work. By freeing up the body, the student will discover new characters, different approaches to creating a relationship onstage, and tools to add variety to their scene work.

Date: Saturday, October 2, 2010
Time: 3:30-6:30pm
Location: Chestnut Room, Holiday Inn Express Midtown, 1305 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (get map)
Instructor: Karen Eleanor Wight
Pre-requisites: Some prior longform improv experience
Cost: $50 (note: Duofest performers get 10% off one workshop and 20% off two or more workshops, refunded back after payment is received).

After payment is received you will be forwarded to a student information form on the Philly Improv Theater website to complete your registration.

Karen Wight-Greenberg is a NYC-based actress, dancer, and singer, and is one-half of the improv duos imp and goga. Recently she has been seen at various comedy festivals including CIF Melbourne’s Int’l Comedy Festival, the TV2 Laugh Fest in New Zealand, the Toronto Jamboree, and the Seattle Festival, as well as at the Oberlin Improv Conference.

Karen has studied clowning with Christopher Bayes (of Julliard, Kennedy Center, and NYU) and corporel mime with Christopher Eaves (student of Marcel Marceau). As a dancer she has extensive experience in jazz, musical theatre, and modern dance and has begun dabbling in Argentinian Tango. For several years she has taught improv at the various festivals where she performs and at the arts outreach program Arts for All in NYC. In the past she has also worked on several Columbia grad student films, joined NYC’s First Look Theatre Company , got married and moved to Brooklyn.

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